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We believe that giving back is important, this is why in 2017 we set up our wristband donation scheme, aimed at assisting events that are raising money for inspirational causes and individuals.

Each month we choose one special event to donate wristbands to, so if you would like The Wristband Co. to donate wristbands for your event, simply complete our donation form below, tell us why you have decided to raise money for your chosen organisation and how you think you would benefit from our support!

We cannot wait to hear from you…

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Why should The Wristband Co. donate wristbands for your event?
Please use the space below to tell us about your event, what is it in aid of? Is it a fundraising event? Are you raising money for someone special?
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Our policy
All we ask for in return of offering sponsorship is an honest Facebook and Google review of both our service and our wristbands.