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How to plan a VIP event

The world of event planning is extremely competitive when it comes to attracting VIPs, influencers, and celebrities. 


If you want your event to stand out from the crowd, you may be looking for ways to entice influential people to attend; you will also want to ensure they have a memorable time and receive impeccable service and treatment.


It may appear daunting right now, leaving you wondering what you can do. Don't be concerned! Whether your event is a once of, such as a launch party, or a week-long influencer retreat, there are a wide range of things you can do to elevate your event and make it extremely appealing to your VIP clients.



When you are planning your event, custom event wristbands are one of the best tools at your disposal to improve your customer service - not just for your VIPs but for all your event attendees. 


A wristband can provide access to different areas and services within your venue, boost your brand awareness, help you easily differentiate groups of people and increase security at your exclusive event. You have the option to create your own VIP wristbands using our wristband designer or choose from our selection of ready to go VIP wristbands here.



Below are five ways to ensure your event stands out for your guests and details how you can use your authentic Australian wristbands from The Wristband Co. to coordinate the perfect VIP experience.


Top Five VIP Event Tips


1- Communicate clearly with your VIPs before the event.


Please don't fall into the trap of focusing on your event only when it is happening; well before the big day, you want to interact and engage with your guests, getting them excited about the event; this is even more critical for your VIP guests!


Before the event, think about creating a direct mail through a software such as Mailchimp to connect with your VIP’s; you can include information about their exclusive privileges, important event information such as branded hashtags and detail what benefits at the event will be unique to them. You can also use this as an opportunity to build a connection with your VIP's, ensuring they will return to your events time and time again.



2- Use wristbands to clearly distinguish your VIP Guests.


With our wristband designer, you can customise your VIP event wristbands by adding your company logo, event information, QR code, and business details. Ensure you choose our gold and silver wristbands for your VIP guests, leaving our other wristband colours for general admission. 


Once placed onto your guest's wrist, the wristband clearly shows their VIP status, lets security staff know they have access to restricted areas, and allows bar staff to provide unlimited drinks under your VIP only bar tab. 


Our friends over at The Sailing Club, used our neon green wristbands at their NYE event to do exactly that, pictured below! 




3 - Set up a designated space for content creation and sharing.


To ensure your VIP guests promote your brand and event on their social media channels (especially Instagram and TikTok), you want to create an instagrammable space for social sharing. 


Ensure you have a beautiful backdrop featuring your brand's name (hello balloons, flower walls and neon signs), have fun props on hand and ensure the area is well-lit (ring lights will give you brownie points!). Before sharing to their socials, remind your guests to use your unique hashtag by adding it to your custom wristbands. 


Guests will naturally want to whip out their phones to take pictures and videos if you create a fun and enticing space. When this is done well, it will ensure your brands reach goes well beyond the live event itself #goals. 


If you’re in South Australia, check out Puff and Pop’s “The Celebrity” package, for all your balloon needs and Behind the Flower Wall’s bespoke handcrafted floral backdrops.





4 - Ensure you have a Private VIP only space.


Think about creating a unique space for your VIPs where they can; 


➔ Network with other VIP guests and brand owners

➔ Meet & greet with event speakers and celebrities 

➔ Choose from a selection of bespoke cocktails and canapés

➔ Receive impeccable customer service from personal waiting staff


Make sure that personnel who have access to the VIP section are given wristbands so that security knows they're allowed in. We have a selection of security wristbands, including "access all areas" and "Staff only" designs here. 




5 - Hold a secret experience within your event, exclusive to VIP guests. 


During your event, whisk your VIP's away for a secret VIP only mini experience. This might be an intimate unplugged session with a surprise musician or a time to gift them with VIP gift bags. You can team up with local sponsors to provide high-end prizes, such as spa days, concert tickets, winery tours or jewellery. 


Secret experiences held within the main event are extremely popular; VIPs are drawn to events that give them one-off experiences and increase the likelihood of them attending future events hosted by your brand. 


To book an Australian musician, get in touch with the guys over at Instinct Music!



There you go, our top tips for a standout VIP event! 


Have you attended an event recently? If so, were you lucky enough to be a VIP? Did you peep our Australian wristbands in use?


We'd love to hear about your experience - Please get in touch today!