Welcome, We are The Wristband Co.

Welcome, We Are The Wristband Co.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, The Wristband Co. is Australia’s leading supplier of wholesale plain and customisable Tyvek® wristbands. We offer the highest quality, lowest prices and the fastest turnaround times in Australia.
“At our core, we are and have always been passionate about delivering
the highest quality wristbands, exceptional customer service,
all whilst having fun along the way

Allow us to introduce ourselves

We created The Wristband Co. because we love designing and creating wristbands that companies and individuals are proud to use at their events. In just a few easy clicks, you can have wristbands customised to your preference and delivered to your doorstep. With over a decade of experience in the events and promotions industry, we understand that nothing is more important to the longevity of a business than a healthy relationship with its customers. The Wristband Co. is proud to have helped and work alongside thousands of festivals, events, universities, nightclubs, hotels, aquatic centres and churches all over Australia and New Zealand each year.

Our mission

To provide the highest quality wristbands at the lowest prices throughout Australia, all whilst making a positive impact in our community.

We love to give back

We believe that giving back is important, this is why in 2017 we set up our sponsorship scheme, aimed at assisting events that are raising money for inspirational causes and individuals. So far, we have sponsored events held by organisations such as;

Multiple Birth SA — supporting multiple birth families in South, Australia, Band Together — an organisation using live music festivals to support local non-profits, Lads Long Lunch — set up to raise awareness for men’s mental health, Zero Hour Australia — a youth organisation fighting against global warming and speaking out against climate justice, Just Like Us — supporting the emotional wellbeing of children living with Type 1 Diabetes and their families, The ACM Project — An organisation set up to prevent suicide and promote healing, sharing and recovery… Just to name a few...

Meet the Founders...


Ben Sayer


When it comes to designing custom printed wristbands, Ben’s skills are second to none. Ben brings to the company his many years of printing expertise, his passion, attention to detail and creative flair are unrivalled. He can take your idea and translate it into a stylish, professional wristband for any event. When he’s not in the office, you can find him in the great outdoors, 4WD-ing, camping and fishing…presumably with pizza in his hands!

Laura Hind


When it comes to building quality relationships with clients, Laura knows what it takes. She has worked with a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from grassroots organisations through to multinational corporations. She works closely with our clients to make sure their needs and her drive for design excellence coincide. When she’s not in the office, you can find her at the beach or her local Pilates studio. She is an enthusiastic traveller, coffee drinker and cat lover!