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We only have one planet.

As a small business, we take our responsibility to sustainability seriously. We know that taking care of the planet means protecting our homes for future generations. At The Wristband Co., sustainability informs every decision we make. We’re committed to providing a high-quality product and service as well as contributing to the bigger picture.

What we’re doing to make a difference

We created a sustainability policy which ensures that we are always striving towards reducing our environmental impact, with net-zero carbon emissions as the ultimate goal. 

As part of our wider Corporate Social Responsibility, we’re also involved with events that are raising awareness and revenue for important causes. You can read more about our wristband donation program.

Our environmental initiatives


How far we’ve come

Throughout our history, we’ve been proud to have taken large steps in the right direction. We now operate with an environmentally mindful approach, considering the wider ramifications of our decisions. We’ve been successful in our environmental policy, but we’re still on the journey to do better. We welcome any and all suggestions from our community on how we can improve. Please get in touch with our friendly team to share your ideas as we’d love to hear from you.


A Sustainable Office

Sustainability starts at home – or in our case, in the office. We’re doing everything we can to ensure that our office runs as greenly as possible. One of the best ways corporations can make an impact is by finding ways to reduce waste altogether rather than just new ways of recycling it. We are doing this by…

Join in

What you can do

The most important thing you can do to contribute to The Wristband Co.’s sustainability success is to think about repurposing your used event wristbands. We understand that this can seem overly complicated, but we’ve made it as easy as we can. All of our wristband materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable. We can help by collecting and recycling them for you, giving them a new life.

Recycled Wristbands

Would are proud to have recycled over.



Other Resources

Whether you’re an individual, a group, or an organisation, we’ve provided some resources below that can help move the needle on your footprint.

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Enquiry Form

If you’d like to learn more about The Wristband Co., please get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you. You can speak with us by jumping on our live chat, calling us on (08) 8363 4850, or by sending us an email: [email protected] You can also find more information by visiting our FAQ page and by reading our blogs.