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Applying a Tyvek Wristband

Our wristbands are made from a material called Tyvek, this makes them waterproof, almost impossible to tear and tamper-resistant. Our event wristbands cannot be removed without visibly damaging the band making them perfect for identifying and controlling different groups of people!


A question we get asked a lot is, “How do you put on a Tyvek Wristband?” so, we created a step-by-step image guide to help you! Check it out below:


Step 1:

Your wristbands will arrive in sheets of 8 bands, as shown below



Step 2:

Tear off your first wristband, the edges are perforated so this should be nice and easy for you to do! (Tip: Slow and steady will give the cleanest tear!) 



Step 3:

Turn the wristband around so the coloured side is facing down, then peel away the adhesive strip



Step 4:

It is best to have some help when putting the wristband on, so this is where staff or friends can come in handy! Wrap the wristband around your guest's wrist, our wristbands are one size fits all so can be adjusted to fit any size wrist from tiny children to the maturest of adults!




Step 5:

Secure the wristband in place by applying pressure to the adhesive area, you can now enjoy the event whilst knowing your wristbands are waterproof, secure and comfortable to wear! 



Step 6:

Remember, once the wristband has been taken off, it cannot be put back on again - this is what makes them the perfect security wristbands! Once you are ready to remove the wristband, pull hard on the part of the wristband that sits on the underneath - please take care doing this, especially on little wrists! 




Step 7:

Once your wristband has been removed, please dispose of it responsibly. Did you know the coloured part of the wristband can be placed in RedCycle bins located in all major Australian supermarkets? The adhesive area can then be snipped off and placed in the bin! If you would prefer we do this for you, you can send the wristbands back to us! 





So, now you know how to wear our wristbands, what exactly are Tyvek wristbands used for?


Wristbands make the jobs of event planners and organisers easier than ever, Tyvek wristbands are also one of the most cost-effective options for controlling and identifying different groups of people on the market today.


Our high-quality wristbands are perfect for any sized event, just some of the orders we have received over the last month have been for:


Birthday Party Wristbands


Weddings & Engagement Wristbands


► School, College & University Events


COVID-19 Control & Awareness Wristbands


► Cub Scouts Events


Bucks & Hens Party Wristbands


► Dance Shows


General Security & Crowd Control Wristbands


► Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants & Function Centre Events


Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party Wristbands


► Sporting Events & Awards Nights


► Church & Religious Events


► Large Scale Socially Distanced Festivals


► Wine Tours


We hope you have enjoyed this Blog and our "how-to" guide! 


Hopefully, you also now have more of an understanding of the type of events and occasions our Tyvek wristbands can be used for.


If you have any comments or suggestions for a future blog post, please do get in touch, we love hearing from you! 


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