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Applying a Tyvek Wristband

How To Put On & Remove A Festival Wristband

With events back on and the festival season in full swing, a question we often hear is “how do I put on a wristband?”. Whilst they might be light and paper-thin, Tyvek wristbands are waterproof, impossible to tear and tamper-resistant – so knowing how to put them on the right way (first time round) to help inform your guests can ensure you avoid any potential hiccups on the day of your next event.

These instructions also work for our Go Green Paper Wristbands.

Putting Your Wristband On

Tearing Off Your First Wristband


Each of our wristband packs arrives in sheets of 8 bands. Each band has perforated edges and can be removed neatly, but it is highly recommended to go slow and steady for the cleanest tear possible.

Applying The Wristband


Turn the wristband around so the coloured side is facing down, then peel away the adhesive strip. Next, wrap the wristband around your wrist (or your guests’). All our wristbands are one size fits all and can be adjusted to fit any size wrist.

Securing Your Wristband


Secure the wristband in place by applying pressure to the adhesive area. Now you can enjoy the event whilst knowing your wristbands are waterproof, secure and comfortable to wear!

Taking Your Wristband Off

Removing It Safely


It is important to remember that each Tyvek wristband once taken off, cannot be put back on (making them great security wristbands). To remove, simply pull the bottom layer tab of the wristband until the Tyvek threads come apart. Please make sure to take extra care, especially when doing this on little ones’ wrists.

Dispose Of Responsibly

Once your wristband has been removed, please be sure to dispose of it responsibly. Other than the adhesive strip, the entire wristband can be recycled through any HDPE-2 recycling point. If you would prefer we recycle the wristbands for you, you can send the wristbands back to us to be recycled through our program with TerraCycle.

Address To Send Used Wristbands

Parcel Collect 10146 09979
Avenues Shopping Centre
Shop 1, 114 Payneham Road Stepney SA 5069

Why Do We Use Tyvek?

Whilst being super durable and comfortable, Tyvek is a popular choice amongst event planners because they are cost-effective, and are perfect for controlling and identifying different groups of people at scale. Due to their ability to be customised as well, Tyvek makes for a great choice at any number of events including birthday parties, weddings, bucks and hens parties, Christmas parties and more.

Why Do We Use Paper?

Our Go Green paper wristbands are made from Forest Stewardship Council certified paper, which is easily recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. When you purchase these wristbands, you are actively contributing to the security of forests and the communities dependent on them.

Looking To Planning Your Next Event?

At The Wristband Co., we regularly work with customers planning events of all sizes. From small intimate weddings to large scale festivals we are happy to assist in any way we can, helping you find the right wristbands for your event. Get in touch with us today on 08 8363 4850 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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