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It’s not all festivals & parties!

Here at The Wristband Co., we love helping you plan a Coachella themed party or music festival, but that’s not all we’re good for! We’re very versatile, and we wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some other uses you can put our wristbands to.

We also wanted to give some of our loyal customers a massive shout-out and a thank you. These companies have been using our wristbands to help them manage their staff, customers and day to day business operations for many years now, and we love that we’re helping to make people’s businesses run a little smoother!

You may have seen from our previous blog posts and social media posts, one of our core values is to be as engaged as possible with our local communities and to support other like-minded businesses whenever we can. It is a pleasure to be a proud supporter of other Australian and especially South Australian companies, like us at The Wristband Co.


Wristbands help manage adventure and amusement parks.

We work with several playgrounds, adventure and amusement parks like indoor adventure playground Funtopia and adventure park Westbeach Adventure (pictured below!).  These fun zones fill up fast with crowds of children and families wanting to enjoy a day of fun, but with different activities, rides, play zones and events available, things could get chaotic quickly. With the help of our Customised Wristbands, staff at these adventure playgrounds are quickly and easily able to tell who can go on which ride, who’s involved in a private party, and who is participating in each event and different time slots. All without the guests having to show booking forms or answer questions, which means more time for climbing, swinging, sliding and playing!


At Beerenberg Family Farm, the team uses our Custom Printed Wristbands to organise the pick-your-own-strawberry bookings! Customers arrive at the farm, are issued a wristband, and are easily identifiable by the staff without losing a second of strawberry picking time. We should also say that the Beerenberg Farm are makers of some of the most delicious relishes and jams we’ve ever eaten! An absolute delight to work with, Monique, the Farm Shop owner, sent us a fantastic hamper of sauces and jams for our office to enjoy – Yum!

Wristbands help keep your business safe.

We’ve been proud to help in the fight against COVID-19 and have worked with some fantastic companies who are doing everything they can to ensure our country’s safety. We’ve worked with SA Health, who have been using our Plain Wristbands to help them to organise their vaccine rollout across the whole of South Australia – and that is no small organisational feat!

At the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, our Plain Wristbands have also helped keep their patients, visitors, and staff safe through their temperature checking and Covid safety compliance systems. And we’re thrilled to be able to make their ordering process even easier by dropping off our wristbands to them in person, with same or next day delivery, because they’re located just around the corner from our office!

Wristbands are versatile and aid in the management of all types of businesses across Australia.

So you see? We are for more than just festivals (although we love being a part of them too). If your business is looking for a simple way to identify your customers, organise your staff, split up crowds, or categorise bookings. Consider using our fully customisable Tyvek wristbands. Let us help you get everyone organised and everything running a little smoother.

Have a look at our online custom wristband designer, it’s so simple, and you can create professional, personalised wristbands in a matter of minutes.

As a small South Australian family-owned business, we’d love to give another massive thank you to those businesses that we currently work with, and remind them that we would not be here today without your support!

THANK YOU! #SupportLocal