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Starting The Wristband Co.

Written by Founder, Laura

After the successful launch of our new website and the positive feedback we received regarding our “About Us” page, we have since been working on our brand-new blog. We are hoping this will be a fun and more personalised way for us to speak directly with you, and a place to share exciting news and updates!

For our first ever blog post we thought we would talk a little more about how The Wristband Co. first started, so you can get to know our story and evolution a little better. smiley

The idea for The Wristband Co. was born back in 2016 whilst we were travelling around Australia in a campervan. (Which was tiny by the way – Ben is 6ft 7, so barely fit!) We visited every state in Australia bar the NT, which we are still super excited to do.

We get asked “Why Wristbands?” a lot and the answer is simple; both Ben and myself had experience working in the events and promotional product industries and with Ben’s family manufacturing products made from Tyvek (the material in which our wristbands are made) it was the perfect starting point!

The planning for the business was all done on the road and we decided on our name, The Wristband Co. whilst staying at Wooleen Station, with the help of owner Frances! We lived and worked at Wooleen Station (which covers a quarter of a million acres surprise set in the Murchison region of Australia’s outback) for around four months during our travels, and it was here we really had the chance to plan and put our ideas into action.

We knew we wanted to create a company that delivered quality wristbands with quick delivery times and great service, but we also wanted to give back and make a difference in our community. We had a clear vision of what we wanted our brand to stand for and knew we wanted to set up a sponsorship scheme to provide free wristbands to events raising money for incredible people and causes – even in our first year of business as a start-up with little capital.

Our friend Craig helped us create our first website and we used 99 designs to create our first logo in May of 2017 (which was an awesome experience!) Both Craig and 99 designs helped us save money in our early stages, and it was great to work alongside a friend on the site! We only recently at the beginning of 2020 updated both our website and logo, to give our brand a refresh (or as the kids say, “we glowed up!”)

Our first ever sheet of wristbands was printed on the 20th August 2017 (and is still framed in our office!) and we have loved every moment of growing The Wristband Co. since – ups and downs of starting a business and all!

We both feel so lucky to live and run the business in beautiful South Australia, we have enjoyed our journey growing The Wristband Co. so much and we cannot thank you all enough for joining us on this adventure and for your ongoing support and encouragement (especially during those moments of doubt and uncertainty *cough Coronavirus cough!*)

We hope you have enjoyed reading our first ever blog post, we cannot wait to share more with you!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding our custom event wristbands or future blog posts, head to our contact us page here:

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