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Improve Day Care Operations with Wristbands

At The Wristband Co., we firmly believe that one of society’s most essential services is provided by those looking after our children at daycare centres. From preschool throughout the education system, it is vital that our children are happy, safe and building solid foundations.

Whether you are a parent of preschool-aged children or work within the preschool system, it’s well known that children who feel safe in their environment and secure within their daycare centre are happier and learn and retain information and skills.

We’re focusing here on our preschool system, daycare centres and early learning centres and how wristbands help coordinate your staff and your children efficiently and discretely.

Growing popularity in early learning centres

At The Wristband Co. and globally, we see more and more early learning centres using Tyvek wristbands. This rise in popularity is due to several factors, which we’ll explore here. However, it is undeniable that Tyvek wristbands are becoming the right choice for tracking your students and managing them around your daycare centre.

Keep track of students

Daycare centres are hectic places with children moving about, playing and learning. Plus, of course, your childcare staff team and other visiting adults – parents, external workers and more.

One of the things that Tyvek wristbands can do is help you keep track of your children quickly and efficiently. For example, you can issue your children with brightly coloured, plain wristbands, with different colours allocated to various groups. It could be by age, classroom, or activity as they move between music or outdoor playground activities.

By distinguishing these different groups with different colours, your staff can quickly and discreetly see whether the students are in the right areas of the daycare centre. It also helps the children to identify with one another, find other members of their group, and promote a sense of belonging.

Medical Needs

Did you know that wristbands can be used to record important information about your students? For example, you can safely record data on a child’s medical conditions, allergies, dietary requirements or other special needs.

Plus, depending on the type of information, you can record it so viewers can clearly read it. Or you can record it securely behind a security wall, e.g., a QR code or personalised barcode.

Wristbands are a secure way to record this information because once a Tyvek wristband is put on, the child can’t take it off without breaking it. Essentially, the wristbands are tamper-proof and cannot be transferred or switched around among the children.


We mentioned earlier that childcare and daycare centres are busy places, with people coming and going throughout the day. Coloured Wristbands can help you coordinate and track who is allowed on the premises or in different areas of your early learning centre.

For example, you will have staff-only or visitor areas and waiting rooms for certain adults. You can colour code your wristbands to show clearly and quickly who is allowed in certain areas and who is not permitted.

Taking it a step further, you can use our wristbands which come with a tamperproof closure for visitors. This means that once the visitor leaves, they must break or cut the wristband to remove it. It’s another security measure to help prevent tampering and wristbands being reused on a return visit or passed on to others.

Waterproof, Durable and Scratch Resistant

One of the questions you might have is why Tyvek over other types of wristbands. We have mentioned several times here how wearers – both children and adults cannot remove Tyvek wristbands without breaking them, removing the ability to tamper with them. It’s so important if you are organising off-site excursions that your children cannot take their wristbands off themselves.

However, there is also a second, more practical reason why our Tyvek wristbands are perfect for early learning centres. We use the highest grade Tyvek from Dupont which is much more durable and can be worn for a much longer time period than bands from other suppliers. This is important when considering activities that your daycare children will be doing: outdoor excursions, field trips, sports days and off-centre trips coupled with children fidgeting with them! In addition, Tyvek wristbands are waterproof, crumple-proof and will survive all kinds of activities and weather conditions.


Of course, we can only talk about wristbands for businesses if we discuss the cost. Especially for childcare centres facing rushing operational costs. Tyvek wristbands are the affordable for small daycare centres and larger early learning centres. One of the best things is that you can buy your wholesale wristbands in bulk, dramatically reducing costs.


It’s not all serious business, however! Wristbands are actually really fun for your children to wear. Providing or giving something to your children creates a sense of belonging. We often see our daycare centre clients’ children proudly showing off their wristbands to one another and their parents.

It can also be super motivating for children if they know that, e.g., blue wristbands mean they are heading outside, or green wristbands mean a trip to the park. It can help your children learn, manage their emotions and expectations and enjoy the anticipation of some of these fun trips.

Tips for implementing Tyvek wristbands in your preschool

There are some key things to remember when you are implementing Tyvek wristband procedures in your early learning centres:

Choosing the right wristbands 
Tyvek wristbands come in various colours and sizes, so choosing a size and colour appropriate for the age group is essential. Additionally, select a band with a secure closure, such as an adhesive strip or snap closure, to ensure that the bands stay in place and aren’t easily removed. Finally, you might be interested to read more about how schools use wristbands in their daily operations.

Keep track of who is wearing the bands.
Make sure all your staff know which children are wearing which bands. For example, be clear on how you are recording your children’s names, or look at using a tag reader that scans the wristbands and records which child is wearing which coloured wristband.

Have a plan in place for lost bands. 
As with anything in your daycare centre, it is crucial to have an emergency procedure in place if there is a problem within the system. For example, if there is a ‘lost wristband.’ How is that dealt with and reported to the staff, and how is the wristband replaced?

Ways we can help

At The Wristband Co., we regularly work with businesses of all sizes. We are happy to assist in any way we can, including helping you find the right wristbands for your upcoming New Years’ Eve event. Get in touch with us today on 08 8363 4850 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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