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Transforming Cruise Ship Operations With Wristbands

In the same way that all businesses face management challenges, so does the successful operation of a cruise ship. Cruise ship management is not only about ensuring your guests have a good time but also about managing the technical side of the cruise, motivating large teams of staff and coordinating various events and shows, often happening daily.

As any good manager knows, sometimes the slightest change to operations can spell success or bring about disaster! At The Wristband Co., we are seeing more clients from the cruise ship industry ordering wristbands to improve their efficiency and the safety of their operations.

Tyvek wristbands can be used to increase security on cruise ships by providing a tamper-proof and durable way to identify passengers and crew members. They can be used for access control, allowing only authorised personnel to enter restricted areas of the ship, such as the bridge or crew-only areas. They can also be used to track the movement of passengers and crew on the ship, making it easier to quickly locate and identify individuals in case of an emergency. Additionally, they can also be used to differentiate between passengers with different levels of access or privileges, such as those with all-inclusive packages or those with access to exclusive areas of the ship.

Read on to learn more about how Tyvek wristbands can help cruise ships run more efficiently…

Using wristbands on your cruise ship

It’s fascinating to see more and more cruise ships using Tyvek wristbands to coordinate their cruises and being used to allow guests and staff to navigate ships, watch different shows and enter different areas. We are also witnessing wristbands replacing key cards, allowing for contactless payments and improving guest ID efficiency.

Throughout this article, we’ll dive deeper into how The Wristband Co. can help you successfully implement wristbands on your cruise ship.

Streamline guest identification and tracking

As anyone who has worked in or held a managerial role in the hospitality industry knows, security is one of your top concerns; for both your business and your customers. The smooth operation and efficient running of your cruise ship is often the result of you running a safe and secure operation.

Wristbands immediately provide accurate tracking and coordination of your guests. From knowing how many attendees you have at an event, to how many people are accessing different areas of your cruise ship – and at what times of the day. Wristbands can provide you with safe tracking of your guests and staff and valuable data to understand how your guests are using your cruise ship. Not only that, but wristbands are very visual, enabling security to spot guests quickly in the right or wrong areas of your ship.

However, you can take your guest management to a higher level with wristbands by providing each wristband wearer with unique identifiers via a QR code, a bar code, or a variable data wristband solution. Providing your cruise ship guests with a unique wristband allows your team to confirm your guests’ identity, place reservations and take bookings on their behalf. This allows your team to provide a streamlined service for your guests with an elevated level of personalised customer service.

Enhance security measures

We’ve outlined how wristbands can coordinate the access and entrance to different activities on your cruise ship. Now, let’s build on this and consider secure areas of your ship; who is allowed access and who isn’t – how can you control this? Wristbands are a fast – but also discreet – way to clearly show which wearers have access to different parts of your cruise ship.

For example, you might have adults-only areas such as bars and a casino. So having family or children’s wristbands quickly highlights those too young to enter these areas.

Your VIP’s may have access to certain services, premium bars and restaurants that other cruise members do not. Providing them with VIP wristbands not only elevates their status on the cruise ship but also offers explicit notification to your staff that they are eligible to enter your ship’s VIP sections.

Then you also have staff-only areas, where it would be dangerous for a guest to enter. Finally, you can provide your team with Access All Areas Wristbands, giving them access to all parts of the cruise ship they need.

Improve the guest experience

Using wristbands to organise cruise ships is not only for the benefit of ship management. They also increase the guest’s experience and improve customer satisfaction.

When the customer experience is moving increasingly online, hospitality managers are aware that to elevate their guests’ experiences, they must embrace the digital world whenever they can. By using ever-improving technology to absorb the level of work required from the customer, cruise ship managers can encourage their guests:

► to explore other areas of the ship they otherwise may not know about

►  to participate in more activities available throughout the day

►  to book in to watch more shows and performances in the evenings, and

►  to pay with ease at the cruise ships shops, bars and restaurants

Using wristbands can provide all of the above: efficiency for the cruise ship and an elevated experience for the guest. By using wristbands, cruise ships are able to personalise the experience available to each guest, as well as better promote awareness of events on board the ship and encourage guests to get more out of their holiday, adding to the value of their vacation.

Cost-effective and durable

One of the driving factors in any business, including cruise ships, is cost-effectiveness. As a result, business owners and managers are always looking for options that will minimise the impact on operational budgets but also exceed guest expectations.

The Wristband Co.’s Tyvek wristbands are a good investment as they can be bought in bulk, reducing the per-item cost. You can purchase bulk buy custom-designed wristbands or bulk buy plain wristbands designed to cater to events and operations of all sizes. We also pride ourselves on our fast turnaround time, ensuring your cruise ship has its bulk wristbands in a timely manner (from the point of payment to delivery, less than 5 business days!).

The core material that is used to manufacture our Tyvek wristbands is DuPont Tyvek, which is an incredibly durable, waterproof and strong material; because of this, once put on by the wearer, removing them without cutting them off is impossible. The wristbands are also water-resistant, so they are suitable for severe weather conditions and for wearing in swimming pools for many hours at a time on both child and adult’s wrists!

The ‘new normal’ 

We would be remiss in writing this article on cruise ship security and safety without discussing COVID-19. It is now commonplace across Australia for cruise guests to be monitored for COVID-19, in addition, in accordance with the Eastern Seaboard and Western Australian Cruise Protocols, people who test positive for COVID-19 on a cruise ship are required to self-isolate for 5 days while onboard. Because of this, it’s really important that cruise ships have a strong response to COVID on board and one of the ways in which they can manage this is through the use of wristbands.

The Australian government advises that COVID-19 tests should be conducted before disembarking a ship; this could be when arriving at a destination for a few days or once at the final destination. A way to ensure all guests have been checked for COVID-19 is to apply a wristband once the test has been conducted and provided a negative response. For this purpose, consider our COVID-19 safe wristbands. This lets staff know when guests are getting back onto the ship that they have been tested and have produced a negative response.

Providing clear, efficient signposting surrounding COVID-19 for your guests and staff increases their safety and security. Plus, it also provides reassurance that you are managing the situation sensibly.

Implementing wristbands on your cruise ship

Choose the right wristbands

The success of wristbands on your cruise ship comes down to choosing the correct ones for you. Consider your cruise ship’s demographics, such as age groups, specific needs or requirements. Plus, of course, the activities that are available on the ship. Will your guests be using them for accessing entertainment, VIP area’s or adult only areas of the ship?

You will be guided towards the right wristband decision for your cruise ship by answering all these questions. However, The Wristband Co. team is always here to help you make the right decision. Contact us today with any questions you have.

Who’s wearing them? 

As well as handing out wristbands to your happy guests, you also need to keep track of who is wearing them. You need to implement a system to coordinate which guests are wearing the wristbands – this is as straightforward as keeping an electronic record of the names of guests with wristbands, adding QR codes to the wristbands to track guests automatically, or you can use a tag reader to scan and record the information. Again, we can help you create this process if you have any questions or concerns.

Replace lost wristbands 

Losing a wristband might not disrupt cruise ship operations, but it could disturb your guests’ vacation experience, especially if you do not have a straightforward replacement process. Therefore, we recommend having an outlined plan for how guests can notify cruise staff as to who or which cabin number needs a replacement wristband.

Making sure both your guests and your staff are aware of this provides an elevated level of customer service and reassurance.

Get started with improving the guest experience

We hope this has answered many of the questions you might have regarding how Tyvek wristbands can streamline your cruise ship management and operations. As well as increasing efficiency, wristbands also improve customer vacation satisfaction. You can use our predesigned wristbands, ready to ship to you today. Or look to create a custom design using our custom printed tyvek wristbands creator. Either way, reach out to us to find out how our range of wristbands can help you create the perfect solution for your cruise ship.

Ways we can help

At The Wristband Co., we regularly work with cruise ship managers and cruise lines of all sizes. We are happy to assist in any way we can, including helping you find the right wristbands for your upcoming trip. Get in touch with us today on 08 8363 4850 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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