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Indoor Playground Problems & Safety Strategies

The popularity of indoor playgrounds throughout Australia and globally is rising yearly.

Of course, you want to run an exciting, fun, and enjoyable indoor play area for children and parents to come and visit. But you are also responsible for the safety of your customer’s children. As you can imagine, well-run playground facilities face challenges daily.

When parents visit your indoor playground or leave their children in the care of your staff, they must be in a safe and secure area whilst also enjoying themselves and having fun.

Ensuring smooth operations and maintaining security can involve a wide range of challenges on a daily basis. These challenges could include monitoring children to make sure they remain within a designated area, ensuring that each child is in the appropriate location and that the correct number of children are present. Additionally, it may involve checking that children of a specific age, height, or weight are in their appropriate areas at the right time.

According to recent research, the three most common injuries at playgrounds are broken bones, sprains, and internal organ injuries. This article will explore how using Tyvek wristbands within your daily playground operations can improve your business’s efficiency and safety and, as a result, reduce the risk of these common injuries. By lowering these common concerns, but maintaining a fun and exciting indoor playground, your client satisfaction will increase as you operate a more efficient, successful business.

Hygiene and Sanitation

One of the biggest challenges for any hospitality business, particularly those serving the needs of families and children, is maintaining excellent levels of health and hygiene. You need to apply it to both staff and your clients. If customers of your play area, either staff or clients, regularly report sickness or illnesses after visiting your playground space, this will impact your business’s reputation negatively.

Your staff will become less productive, and you run the risk of operating your playground facility with low staffing levels, making the area unsafe. As a result, your customer enjoyment and satisfaction will suffer, reducing customer feedback and the likelihood of positive referrals.

Using Tyvek wristbands is a way to combat poor levels of health and hygiene and help improve the levels of sanitation throughout your indoor play area.

Tyvek wristbands are nontransferable and made of waterproof material. In addition, you can use our plain Tyvek wristbands for different groups, meaning that your indoor playground can distinguish which clients or children should be in which areas and at which time.

By tracking which clients have been in which areas at which time, you can maintain good levels of health and hygiene by ensuring that the equipment and apparatus are cleaned regularly. For example, when 20 wristbands have been scanned into a specific area of an indoor playground, then a staff member can report to that area to clean and maintain the equipment as needed.


When parents leave their children or bring their children to an indoor playground, it is paramount that they are reassured that they are bringing their children to a safe and fun environment.

Parents will have concerns such as authorised or unauthorised entry to different playground areas. They will seek reassurance that their children are being monitored and kept safe once they are within the facility. For example, playing with age-appropriate toys and accessing the correct play spaces to ensure a safe and enjoyable time.

If you clearly provide this reassurance to your clients, it will help to maintain the safety levels and, as a result, the success of your indoor play area.

Who’s paid, and who hasn’t? 

Tyvek wristbands solve a lot of these safety concerns by being nontransferable. Tyvek wristbands are also tamper-proof, meaning they can provide immediate but discreet identification to your staff of which clientele should be in which area and at which specific time.

Simple colour-coded wristbands can also help to identify and distinguish between staff and paying clients, for example, neon green wristbands for staff members and neon yellow wristbands for paying clients. Identifying persons of authority is an important reassurance for clientele. Research shows that paying clients are more likely to behave appropriately and look after your playground equipment if they know that authorised staff are in the playground space.

Who’s supposed to be inside, and who’s not?

You may also need to distinguish between those that have paid for access and those that have not. For example, older siblings may not have paid to access the play facilities and may only be there to enjoy the cafe area with their parents. In these instances, plain-coloured wristbands can distinguish between spectators and children who are there to play! Wristbands are a clear, quick and visual way to distinguish between different groups of people, which minimises confusion, increases customer satisfaction, and reassures your staff that everyone who has paid has a wristband on and is in the right place.

Finally, the fact that Tyvek wristbands are also tamper-proof means a reduced risk of unauthorised entry into the indoor playground area or repeat entry on another day of the week. The easiest way to ensure customers cannot come back later on in the week by keeping their wristbands on, is to use different coloured wristbands for each day of the week to manage your guests. For example, on Monday’s you could only use Green and Orange wristbands, Tuesday’s Pink and Yellow, Wednesday’s Red and Purple etc.

One of the biggest frustrations often reported by customers and clientele of theme parks, indoor playgrounds, and trampoline parks is excessive waiting caused by long lines and inefficiently organised play areas.

Fast check-in

Wristbands help reduce those long check-in lines and give your guests more time to play in your indoor playground. Plus, your staff will be able to easily spot who’s allowed in the playground area just by looking at the wristbands. And the best part? Efficient wristband management means your team can move customers around the playground without any delays or problems. No more waiting around!

Age verification

As we’ve already discussed, your indoor playground will likely have different areas for different age groups. This is for the safety and enjoyment of everybody involved. For example, it is unlikely that toddlers and two-year-olds will enjoy playing in the same space as 10-year-olds. Therefore, to keep both age groups happy and welcome within your playground area, you must create different spaces for the enjoyment of each age group.

By using wristbands to clearly distinguish between the different age groups, you ensure your clients are safe, in age-appropriate areas and playing at the correct playground level. Maintaining these age-appropriate areas dramatically reduces the risk of injuries and improves the health and safety of your indoor playground.


You can create custom wristbands for your indoor playground by uploading your logo, choosing your own colours, and selecting fonts that are on-brand for you. By creating an appealing aesthetic and elevating the uniqueness of your wristbands, you can improve your customer experience by creating an inclusive community that your clients want to be part of.

Well-designed wristbands become a souvenir within themselves, with children and adults often wearing them long after leaving your indoor playground facility. By leveraging this form of word of mouth and brand reassurance, customisable wristbands can become an integral tactical tool in your indoor playground’s marketing.

Contactless payment

Finally, did you know that you can get full-colour and variable-data wristbands that can be printed with a scannable barcode or a QR code?

As well as customising your Tyvek wristbands with your unique brand and messaging, these wristbands can be used for contactless payments, reducing the need for your clients to carry cash or perform card transactions around your indoor playground.

This can help not only increase the efficiency and sales of your paid areas, such as cafes or bars or restaurants, but it can also help minimise the spread of germs and bacteria by reducing touch points throughout your indoor playground.

If you’re interested to learn more about this or would like to receive a free sample, please get in touch with us today.


This article has shown you how using Tyvek wristbands can significantly improve the efficiency of your indoor playground. From the safety and security of your clientele and the reduction of potential illnesses and injuries. To the increased satisfaction, enjoyment, and excitement of your attending children and their guardians.

It is easy to see how efficient wristband management can become an integral part of your daily operations and also a powerful tool within your marketing plan – all without breaking the bank!

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