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The Production Assistant You Never Knew You Had – Tyvek Wristbands

From concert organisers to festivals and trade show exhibitors, wristbands have become an essential tool used by production groups to streamline operations and improve overall event efficiency. It’s impressive how a physically small item, such as a wristband, can significantly impact your production group. If you haven’t used wristbands to coordinate your event yet, let’s look at how you can improve the production value of your next operation with our custom wristbands.

Be organised from the start 

Event management is often called the ultimate multitasking job. Not only are event organisers usually managing the event they are physically at, but they will also coordinate multiple other events. At the same time. Plus, they carry the responsibility for the organisation of event venues, the team, the staff from the venue, and the event team.

Event planners can use wristbands from step one of the event organisation. For example, your production team can use event wristbands to manage different access levels to various events, which can be super important for managing a work team with varying levels of approval to secure areas of your event organisation.

You can also use your festival or event security wristbands to track attendees and understand how different areas of your event venue are being used or accessed correctly. This can be so important in the pre-event stage of event production.

When you move into a physical event, Tyvek wristbands can dramatically improve the flow and flexibility of your event. In addition, you can use wristbands to reduce bottlenecks and improve access to various points of your staging. For example, you can create wristbands with QR codes or barcodes that can allow your event staff to quickly scan wearers into different areas of the event, e.g., dining areas, bars or VIP sections.

Clever wristband usage can help you to create a smooth, well-coordinated event.


Wristbands have long been synonymous with music festivals and outdoor events. Well-designed custom wristbands became hotly chased souvenirs for festival and concert attendees, with attendees wearing their wristbands long after the festival had ended.

Tyvek wristbands are perfect for these outdoor and active festivals. The durability of the material and the fact that the wristbands are tamper-proof means that they are a great solution to not only survive a festival. But to still be functional and aesthetically appealing after an event is over.

Trade show triumphs 

The production management team at trade shows are often managing some of the most complex event areas. With huge event attendee numbers, usually, multiple stages, themed rooms and numerous exhibitors from various businesses and backgrounds.

Something as simple as different coloured wristbands can quickly coordinate access levels or entrances to specific stages. Brightly coloured wristbands signpost immediately to your production team where the wearer should be. For example, purple wristbands are VIP access; green wristbands are for general admission, and orange wristbands are for staff. Managing all your event attendees like this helps to reduce overcrowding, long-lines and improves the experience for everyone.


Often festivals, music concerts and outdoor events run over multiple days. Adding an extra challenge for event production teams. Your planning team can use custom festival wristbands to organise the flow of attendees around an event efficiently. You will often need to provide differing levels of access to an event. For example, whole weekend passes; single-day; evening passes or even camping and overnight access.

You can use variable data wristbands to provide event attendees with the specific information that they need to explore their event. For example, where to find toilets, dining areas, VIP bars or child-friendly areas.

Tyvek wristbands can also help you track who has access to the event. Using different wristbands for differing access levels means that event organisers can easily see who has access to the event and specific areas of the event and highlight who might need to buy tickets. If you’re looking for a reputable Australian wristband company, look no further than The Wristband Co.

Speaking of Festivals, South Australia’s largest festival is coming on the 17th of February through until the 19th of March 2023; Adelaide Fringe is back! Check it out and grab your tickets now.

Amusement access 

Staff and production teams at amusement parks, theme parks and water parks have been using wristbands to streamline their guests for years. Venues like this often have multiple attractions, rides, swimming pools, and water features. Wristbands can make a challenging situation much more straightforward by managing access to different areas of your amusement park.

Wristbands can help manage the flow of guests around your venue by ensuring that the right people are in the right place at the right time. For example, ordering lunch or dining times for different groups of people. Or allowing only adults into bars or casino areas. Amusement park wristbands can help keep your guests safe and secure, and all your attendees accounted for.

You can also add barcodes and QR codes to your amusement park wristbands, to help in the management of fast-track entry and photo access – the best bit? Adding a static QR code doesn’t cost any extra, making custom wristbands a cost-effective solution for Australian theme parks and amusement parks.

Great for VIPs

Highlight the sense of exclusivity that’s possible by creating unique wristbands. This helps create a feeling of being part of something special and increases brand awareness.

We’ve touched on wristbands for VIPs already in this article and also talked about it in length in our blog “how to plan a VIP event”. Let’s explore VIP wristband uses now in more detail. As we’ve explored above, you can use wristbands for general admission to your event. But, then, adding in a VIP-level wristband can elevate the appeal of your event and increase exclusivity amongst your attendees.

For your VIP members, providing exclusive wristbands means they have all the information they need at their fingertips – literally! VIP wristbands can also help with event security and crowd control by allowing VIP guests to have separate and exclusive access to areas, facilities, and experiences. This creates a more efficient and organised event environment and enhances the overall event experience for VIP attendees.

One of the most exciting things that event production teams should pay attention to is the marketing opportunity of having a VIP level of access amongst your event attendees. When your general audience becomes aware of the VIP-level attendees, e.g. because they have neon-pink VIP wristbands on display, it creates interest, scarcity and FOMO! Furthermore, it provides your production team with the opportunity to upsell then this VIP status at this event and also for future events.

Low-cost, high impact 

As we started by saying, it’s impressive that something as small as a wristband can have such a powerful impact on the success of your event and the coordination of your production team.

However, not only are wristbands small, but they are also cost-effective, while you can buy our wristbands in bulk by the thousand via our bulk wristbands page. You can also buy them in smaller amounts, making them an ideal option for small and medium-sized events. And the cost -per-wristband is still an incredibly cost-effective solution. To give you an idea; if you are holding an event for 500 people, you can purchase 500 plain wristbands for $53.04 including GST and delivery! If you are wanting to purchase custom printed wristbands, with your event’s logo, name, time and a QR code, you can purchase 500 custom printed wristbands for $72.36 including GST and delivery! As you can see, event wristbands are extremely cost-effective.

Yes, your event can be sustainable!

Finally, we should highlight that Tyvek wristbands are 100% recyclable. The sustainability of events has become more and more critical to event attendees, from daily operations to food packaging, electricity supplier – and wristbands. Using Tyvek wristbands at your amusement park, festival or music concert, you can confidently provide your event attendees with a functional, visually appealing and sustainable option. So, how do you recycle Tyvek wristbands? You have a few options, the first is to take them to your local HDPE-2 recycling centre and the second is to send them back to us to be recycled through our incredible program with TerraCycle. Through this program, your used wristbands get recycled and made into items such as children’s park benches and building materials. You can learn more about this here.

If you want to learn more about running a sustainable event, check out our recent article full of great ideas for taking sustainable event organisation to the next level.


If you’re looking for a simple, powerful tool in your arsenal when it comes to producing your next event, we hope this article has convinced you that wristbands should be on your list.

Not only do event wristbands provide a ‘cool’, modern and functional solution for your event. Your festival wristbands will also help you improve the flexibility and coordination of your event whilst also improving your bottom line by increasing your event’s appeal and reducing the cost of managing your teams and event attendees.

If you want to find out more, get in touch with our team today to see how we can make your life easier.

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