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Unlock The Power of Wristbands for Tour Groups

The tourism industry has long relied on wristbands as a go-to solution for coordinating their daily operations. From summer festivals to water parks and tour guides, several of our tourism clients use wristbands to efficiently coordinate their events, improve customer service and raise safety levels.

Throughout this article, we will explore the increasing demand for tour group wristbands designed to help tour guides coordinate large groups of people. We will look at why tour group wristbands are becoming an essential solution for successful tours. Including how wristbands provide a practical solution for tour group management while elevating safety and security measures and increasing brand awareness.


A single tour guide is often responsible for large groups of people, sometimes 40, 50 even up to 100 people. Managing a crowd of people is challenging. Not only is the tour guide aiming to plan an exciting, entertaining, fun event for the attendees, but they are also responsible for the timekeeping and safety of the attendees.

Wristbands for tour groups are an excellent way to highlight and identify group members quickly. Tour guides can quickly and discreetly spot group members and direct people to where they should be. For example, imagine a tour guide running a day trip to multiple locations throughout the day. Providing wristbands emblazoned with the tour name or logo helps to quickly ensure you have the correct members at each tour area.

Tour guides can take this group management to an elevated level with personalised wristbands for group members. Wristbands with unique QR codes or barcodes can provide specific information to the group members, for example, what time they need to be in a particular place, how to place food and drink orders, make souvenir purchases, etc.

The information held in unique wristbands can also help in cases of emergency by providing information quickly and efficiently.

Divide Your Tour Groups 

It is commonplace in larger tour groups that the tour guides will break down their groups into smaller sections. This can be beneficial to the tour guide to help them create a more intimate experience for the group members and provide a more efficient solution for moving larger groups around the tour. In addition, breaking down your tour group into smaller, more manageable sub-sections can help make it a breeze to keep track of everyone and ensure that no one gets left behind.

When using wristbands to manage these smaller groups, you must consider how your tour group is split. The main reason is a differing access level amongst group members. For example, VIP members or all-access passes. Elevating these members within your group with VIP wristbands means they receive the level of service they expect. However, it also creates exclusivity around your VIP offer and makes your other members aware that a VIP option is available to them to upgrade to.

Powerful Marketing

Wristbands are more than just a practical solution for your tour groups. Well-designed, aesthetically pleasing wristbands also become souvenirs in themselves. As a result, we see clients selling souvenirs wristbands, encouraging repeat business with their wristbands, and promoting additional or add-on services through their wristbands.

Creating customised wristbands for your tour group is also an excellent way to position your brand. Both with the wearer and also with other people in the area of the tour. Wristbands that display brand names, brand logos, etc., are a marketing tool that you can use to elevate the value of our tour group.

The longevity of the wristband is a powerful marketing tool to consider. Imagine this simple example: as your tour guides move their group around a city or on vacation, group members are consistently taking photos. These photos will often be uploaded to various social media channels, shared with friends and family, and possibly printed out and displayed in homes. If your wristbands are visible in these images, your brand becomes linked with the event, city, or vacation in the viewers’ minds. You could even add a hashtag to your wristbands and remind your attendees to tag you in their pictures – free marketing online and on social media is a win for your company!

Don’t Spend More Than Necessary

When tour companies are thinking through how to coordinate the safety of their tour group members, it can be easy for managers to spiral into thinking that such a crucial situation needs a complex solution. However, we argue that the best solutions are simple ones. Remember when NASA spent millions to design a space-friendly pen when Europe spent nothing and equipped their astronauts with pencils? It’s the same thing with wristbands for tour groups.

Using custom wristbands is a simple and direct way to manage your tour group’s efficiency and coordinate the group members’ safety.

Don’t Lose Your Members or Their Wristbands

One of the key benefits of The Wristband Co.’s wristbands is that they are made from Tyvek. As well as being 100% recyclable, Tyvek is also incredibly durable. In addition, Tyvek wristbands are waterproof, making them perfect for water-based tours, boat cruises, water park visits, etc. But also for outdoor tours where the weather can be less reliable.

The Tyvek material also makes our wristbands tamperproof, an essential security measure needed on tours. Group members cannot remove their wristbands once they have been put on without cutting them. This maintains your tour group’s security and means that you will not need to replace the wristbands for wearers throughout the tour as you move from location to location.


This article clearly outlines the key reasons for using wristbands to manage your tour group. From the convenience of wristbands, both for the group members and the tour guides. To the cost-efficiency of this practical solution. To the marketing and branding opportunities that wristbands can provide.

Using wristbands to manage tour groups has become a powerful tool in creating a successful tour experience for members and tour guides.

Ways we can help

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