We only have one planet.

As a small business, we take our responsibility to sustainability seriously. We know that taking care of the planet means protecting our homes for future generations. At The Wristband Co., sustainability informs every decision we make. We’re committed to providing a high-quality product and service as well as contributing to the bigger picture.

What We’re Doing

We created a sustainability policy which ensures that we are always striving towards reducing our environmental impact, with net-zero carbon emissions as the ultimate goal.

As part of our wider Corporate Social Responsibility, we’re also involved with events that are raising awareness and revenue for important causes. You can read more about our wristband donation program here.

1. Educating Ourselves About The Issues Of Sustainability And Environmental Awareness

Education is the first step in recognising what steps we can take to improve. Regular education and training through our network, our team, and our own knowledge make up a large part of our sustainability policy. This includes attendance at regular workshops to unpack more sustainable practices for each component of our business. Participation in upskilling our whole business with the latest understanding of input reduction, printing efficiency, transport minimisation, material sourcing, and of course, making sure the carbon footprint does not land on our customers.

2. To Implement Policies That Prevent The Production Of Waste

We’re invested in solving problems directly at the source - waste excess.

We make it a habit to actively find ways to lower the number of materials required, necessary packaging, and other resources. We also reuse all the items we can that cannot be easily recycled, refuse unnecessary items, and do not work with suppliers that do not use sustainability practices in their business. In addition to this, we recycle a large quantity of material that isn’t easily repurposed through multiple recycling programs across Australia.

3. Work With And Seek Out Businesses With Common Sustainability Goals

You’re only as good as the company you keep - that's why we exclusively work with brands and suppliers who share similar policies. This includes Dupont, our provider of Tyvek material, a 100% recyclable input that makes all of our different products.

We also work closely with TerraCycle, our provider of the Zero Waste Box program to recycle our used event wristbands so they may serve another purpose.

We ship our wristbands with Australia Post, who are committed to carbon-neutral parcel delivery - and the times that we buy paper, we source only 100% Australian recycled paper.

Co-founder Laura with The Wristband Co.'s Zero Waste Box

4. To Employ Like-Minded Individuals, And Instilling Our Values Throughout Our Team

We actively hire staff that share passion for our mission and reflect what we hold important. We check in with our team on how we can improve sustainability while maintaining a high level of product quality and customer satisfaction.

5. Encouraging Feedback

Hearing from our various stakeholders on how to reduce our footprint is ingrained in improving our operations. Through regular interaction with our customers, business partners, suppliers and employees, we receive an understanding of how we can improve our operations to be more sustainable.

How Far We’ve Come

Throughout our history, we’ve been proud to have taken large steps in the right direction. We now operate with an environmentally mindful approach, considering the wider ramifications of our decisions. We’ve been successful in our environmental policy, but we’re still on the journey to do better. We welcome any and all suggestions from our community on how we can improve. Please get in touch with our friendly team to share your ideas as we’d love to hear from you.

Co-founder Ben with The Wristband Co.'s Zero Waste Box

A Sustainable Office

Sustainability starts at home - or in our case, in the office. We’re doing everything we can to ensure that our office runs as greenly as possible. One of the best ways corporations can make an impact is by finding ways to reduce waste altogether rather than just new ways of recycling it. We are doing this by:

► Reducing our consumption of resources - we’re moving as close as possible to becoming a paperless office. We take electronic notes in meetings and don't print anything unless we absolutely have to.

► Refusing unnecessary items - we started questioning the ‘norm’ and began refusing services, products, and equipment if they weren't essential.

► Refusing to work with unethical partners - when we do accept products and services, we ensure they come from a brand that can provide them sustainably.

► Reusing items whenever possible - we’ve been repurposing scrap paper into notebooks for our staff to use and using second-hand boxes to ship our wristbands instead of buying new ones where possible.

► Recycling what we cannot repurpose - we’re trying to find recycling options for as much of our remaining waste as possible. We were thrilled to find the excellent Planet Ark who now recycle our used printer cartridges. Our beloved coffee machine is only still in use because we discovered we could send the pods back to Nespresso where they get reused again and again.

What You Can Do

The most important thing you can do to contribute to The Wristband Co.’s sustainability success is to think about repurposing your used event wristbands.

We understand that this can seem overly complicated, but we’ve made it as easy as we can. All of our wristband materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable. We can help by collecting and recycling them for you, giving them a new life.

Our Tyvek wristbands are 100% ♻️ recyclable, and the easiest way to do it is to collect them all together and return them to us using our Take-Back Program. We’ve made it super easy, just click here to download a return postage label, print it out and then return your wristbands to us!

Other Resources

Whether you’re an individual, a group, or an organisation, we’ve provided some resources below that can help move the needle on your footprint.

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