Environmental Policy

Respect for the environment is at the core of The Wristband Co.’s values. Therefore, our environmental policy is a commitment to reducing our environmental impact and working towards net-zero carbon emissions.

In reality, this environmental policy does not stand alone but is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. We strive to improve our communities in any way we can - you can read more about our wristband donation program here.

Our five environmental policies are:

1 - To continue educating and training ourselves and our team to give them agency and responsibility to reduce our carbon emissions.

2 - To put into place policies to prevent waste

► To reduce our consumption of resources by

►  Refusing unnecessary items or working with unethical suppliers

►  To reuse items whenever possible

►  To recycle what we cannot repurpose

3 - To work with and support green vendors and other like-minded businesses: 

► We use Tyvek®, which is ♻️ 100% recyclable to make all our plain wristbands, customisable wristbands and security wristbands.

► We use the Zero Waste Box™ from TerraCycle® to recycle all our used event wristbands.

4 - To employ only like-minded individuals who agree with our environmental stance and work towards our common goals.

5 - To continuously look for ways to reduce our footprint and encourage feedback and conversation with all stakeholders. As such, this policy will be regularly reviewed and updated as we find new ways of improving our operations. 

Founder Laura with The Wristband Co.'s Zero Waste Box

The most important thing you can do to be part of The Wristband Co.’s environmental policy is to repurpose your used event wristbands. However, because we use Tyvek to make all our wristbands, they are 100% ♻️ recyclable. So the easiest way to recycle your wristbands is to collect them all together and return them to us at the end of your event. 

We’ve made it super easy for you - click here to download a return postage label, print it out and then return your wristbands to us!

We are still on our sustainable journey, and we know there is a long way to go, meaning we are always open to suggestions from our team, our customers and our community. If you have any ideas on improving our operations, please get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you.